Katja Novitskova
1984, Tallinn, Estonia
Currently live/work in Amsterdam, the Netherlands



Selected solo and duo exhibitions

2014 (upcoming) Art Basel Statements, with Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Basel

2014 (upcoming) S.A.L.T.S., Basel

2014 Spirit, Curiosity and Opportunity, Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler

2014 Mottahedan Projects, duo with Florian Auer, Dubai (UAE)

2013 Rijksakademie OPEN, Amsterdam

2013 Sunday Fair, duo presentation with Avery Singer, Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, London

2013 MiArt, solo presentation, Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Milan

2012 MACRO EXPANSION, Kraupa-Tuskany, Berlin

2012 Appendix, Portland

2012 Hotel Palenque, French Reviera, curated by Elise Lammer, London

2012 CCS Bard, NY, duo show with Timur Si-Qin

2012 #8, Health Club, curated by Beata Wilczek, Czarny Neseser, Wrocław, Poland

2012 Profit | Decay, duo show with Amalia Ulman, Arcadia Missa, London

2011 sunny n shiiite, curated by Adam Cruces, The State, www.thestate.tumblr.com


Selected group exhibitions

2014 (upcoming) Do You Know Who I Am?, M HKA, Antwerp, Belgium (BE)

2014 Art Post-Internet, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing (RC)

2014 TEDxVaduz Redux, T293, Rome (IT)

2014 Literacy – Illiteracy, 16th Tallinn Print Triennial, Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn (EE)

2013 14.12.13, curated by Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler and Armen Avanessian, Berlin

2013 Come, All Ye Faithful, curated by Carson Chan, Grieder Gallery, Zürich

2013 Mawu-Lisa II, curated by Amalia Ulman, Courtney Blades, Chicago, USA

2013 Current Model Like New, curated by Loney Lauren Abrams, Flux Factory, Long Island City, USA

2013 Shadows of a Doubt, curated by Niekolaas Lekkerkerk, Kunstihoone, Tallinn

2013 Speculations on Anonymous Materials, Fridericianum, Kassel

2013 Playing Nature, curated by Katia Krupennikova, CCA Sokol, 5th Moscow Biennale

2013 Notes (on de-classing), curated by Vincent Honore, Galleri Opdahl Stavanger

2013 Shift, Future Gallery, Berlin

2013 Over the Valley, curated by Lucy Chinen, Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles

2013 Art of Living, curated by Luca Francesconi, Galerie Valentin, Paris

2013 Unstable Media, curated by Anne de Vries, Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam

2013 Pattern Repeat, Gloria Knight, Aukland

2013 Re-materialized, curated by Toke Nielsen, New Galerie, Paris

2013 Collapse, Fluxia, Milan

2013 Plants vs. Zombies, Boetzelaer|Nispen, Amsterdam

2012 Public iPad Lounge, curated by Parker Ito, Steve Turner Contemporary, Untitled Art Fair, Miami Beach

2012  Shell-Reflexives, curated by Agatha Wara, Downtown ArtHouse, Miami

2012 Archaeology and the Future of Estonian Art Scenes, curated by Kati Ilves, KUMU, Tallinn, Estonia

2012 Calibration Shift, Third Party Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

2012 No More Westerns, Impakt Festival 2012, Utrecht, Netherlands

2012 Orlando, curated by Luca Francesconi, Fondazione Brodbeck, Catania, Italy

2012 Nomadik, BWA Wraclow, Poland

2012 Net Narrative, curated by Harry Burke, Carlos/Ishikawa, London

2012 DVD Dead Drop, curated by Aram Bartholl, Museum of Moving Image, NYC

2012 Brand Innovations for Ubiquitous Authorship, curated by Artie Vierkant, Higher Pictures, NYC

2012 The Still Life of Vernacular Agents, curated by Nadine Zeidler, Kraupa-Tuskany gallery, Berlin

2012 Contemporary Estonian Graphic Design (2001-2011), curated by Indrek Sirkel, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

2012 EU, curated by Tanya Rumpff, Museum Het Tongerlohuys, Roosendaal

2011 SO REAL, b-galleria, Turku, Finland

2011 BYOB Amsterdam, curated by Rafael Rozendaal

2011 Speed Show Berlin, curated by Aram Bartholl

2011 group show curated by Johan Kauth, FAT Form, Amsterdam

2011 Mawu-Lisa, curated by Amalia Ulman, New Gallery London, London, UK

2011 Arcuri, Novitskova, Rodriguez, curated by Chelsea Culp, New Capital, Chicago, USA

2011 Oggetto Soggetto, curated by Ricardo Juárez and Silvia Bianchi, Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo, Madrid, Spain

2011 Metrospective 1.0, curated by Carson Chan and Mike Ruiz, Program, Berlin

2011 BYOB London, curated by KERNEL

2011 Post Internet Survival Guide, Future Gallery and Gentili Apri, Berlin

2011 Sandberg Institute at NIMk #3, curated by Emile Zile, Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMK), Amsterdam

2010 Speed Show vol.4, curated by Aram Bartholl, NYC

2010 Next Big Thing, Sandberg Instituut graduation show, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

2010 BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer), curated by Anne de Vries and Rafael Rozendaal, Berlin

2009 Utopian Grids, Sandberg Instituut exhibition, De Verdieping, Amsterdam

2009 Amsterdam Biennale 2009: Tallinn pavilion, curated by Margit Säde, Mediamatic, Amsterdam


Talks and Screenings

2013 Y Galerii, Tartu, Estonia

2013 TEDx Vaduz, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

2013 Impakt Festival, Utrecht

2012 Rupert, Vilnius

2011 ARE YOU READY FOR 2012, Amsterdam

Initiatives & Curatorial

2012 New Order, Mediamatic, Amsterdam

2011 The Greater Clowd, NIMK, Amsterdam

2011 So Real, b galleria, Turku

2011 Kik in der Kok 2011 , Tallinn, Estonia

2011 TruEYE surView, W139, Amsterdam

2011 Post Internet Survival Guide: exhibition curated together with Mike Ruiz, Future Gallery, Berlin

2009 Amsterdam Biennale 2009: Tallinn pavilion, Mediamatic, Amsterdam



2013, E.C.O.C.O.R.E., London

2013 Modern Weekly, Shanghai, China

2013 Performance as Publishing, Rowing, London

2012 Net Narrative catalog, Carlos/Ishikawa, online

2012 interview with Harry Burke, http://cmdplus.info/

2012 interview with Harry Burke, How To Sleep Faster (Summer 2012) Issue 3, Arcadia Missa

2012 The Subjective Tour Guide to Amsterdam, GRAPHIC magazine #24

2012 New Order catalogue, Volume magazine insert

2012 How to Download a Boyfriend, Badlands Unlimited, e-book

2012 Junk Jet nr 5, Berlin

2011 PWR Paper #6, Hanna Terese and Rasmus Svensson

2011 TruEYE surView catalog, W139, Amsterdam

2011 Post Internet Survival Guide 2010, Revolver Publishing

2011 PWR Paper #4, put together by Hanna Terese and Rasmus Svensson

2010 M##N V#GU3 magazine initiated by Maryme & Jimmy Paul, designed and edited by Vela Arbutina and Timothy John Moore. Part of Moon Life Concept Store, a project on Moon by Alicia Framis.

2010 Symbolic Literacy and Untitled Documents, de Verenigde Sandbergen vol.3, Amsterdam

2010 Ice Cream magazine, curated by Fabian Harb, online

2009 Ralphs Vol. 1 curated by Billy Rennekamp, Berlin

2009 Daddy-Man, HTV de Ijsberg, Amsterdam

2009 Eeuw van de Stad, de Verenigde Sandbergen, Amsterdam

2008 The Collective, Sandberg Instituut publication curated by Luna Maurer / Roel Wouters, Amsterdam


Selected press

2013 Frieze magazine

2013 Art Forum

2013 Frieze d/e

2013 Art Review, Future Greats, selected by Laura Mclean-Ferris

2012 Frieze magazine

2012 Artribune

2012 Architecture Australia

2012 New Yorker magazine

2012 DIS magazine, online

2012 Disturber Magazine, by Tatiana Leshkina, UK

2012 I-D magazine, UK

2011 Artnet.de, Kunst nach de Netz, by Johannes Thumfahrt

2011 Metropolis M by Annet Dekker, Netherlands

2011 FOAM magazine, Netherlands

2011 Eesti Päevaleht Kik in der Kok interview, Estonia

2011 Eesti Päevaleht personal interview, Estonia

2011 Rhizome on TruEye SurView

2011 Die Zeit, interview with me and Jim Ashilevi by Johannes Thumfart

2011 Hooligan magazine, Moscow, an interview with Dan Szor

2011 Pool, a review by Andreas Ervik

2011 Tank Magazin, review by Dean Kissick, London

2011 de:Bug Magazin #150, articles by Dominikus Müller and Timo Feldhaus, Berlin

2011 Lodown magazine #75, a review written by Christoph Rambow, Berlin

2011 Springerin - Hefte fuer Gegenwartskunst, a review by Franz Thalmair, Vienna

2011 interview in PIZMO nr 5, a magazine edited by Denisa Bytelova, Chech Republic



2008–2010 Sandberg Instituut, Graphic Design department, Amsterdam

2006–2007 Master of Science in Digital Media, ISNM, University of Lübeck, Germany

2006 Media Art department, Tartu Art College, Estonia

2003–2006 Bachelor in Semiotics and Culture Studies, University of Tartu, Estonia



2013 Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds stipend

2013 KPN studio, Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten

2012 Startstipendium, Mondriaan Fund

2011 SNS Reaal fonds and Mondriaan Fund, for New Order

2011 Tallinn Culture Capital 2011 grant, for Kik in der Kok festival

2006 Sparkassen-Stipendium, Germany



2013-2014 Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam