Is this sweet babe

The sea’s new moon, or nature unfolding?

A semiotic life form, or the sweet emergence of aggregate patterns?

The innocence of a formless thing, or the tender limbs of a technological animal?

A cluster of plastic flanges and laser pointers, or a beached whale from a forgotten land?

A shape shifter caught in a mid-day slumber, or an object for human gaze?

An expedition into time-scapes I cannot see?

A loving hydrothermal vent mother, or a black smoker father?

The seed of symbolic collapse, or the terror of clarity?

The tender lustre of Jupiter's Europa and Saturn's Ence´ladus?

A machinic twitching, or the heartbeat of a new aesthetic frontier?

Is it a creative colony of parasites, or an emotional reaction?

Or, is this sweet babe the presence of God’s ghostly hand as I ascend into a torpor, into the brink of nothingness? 


__ Agatha Wara __ 2015





* Hydrothermal Potential (Loki's Castle)
* Hydrothermal Potential (East Scotia Ridge)
* Hydrothermal Potential (Lost City)
* 4moms Mamaroo (deep sea)
* Bright Starts Ingenuity InLighten (deep sea)
* Globat Truss Reefs

sound and lullaby in collaboration with Agatha Wara

for LIAF 2015, Svolvær, Norway

Many thanks to Matt, Arne, Berte, Agatha, Kareem and KTZ