Post Internet Survival Guide is a project initiated by Katja Novitskova. At the moment it is realised as a book, an installation (FORMATS) and a series of events and exhibitions.

The first book launch and exhibition took place in Berlin at Gentili Apri gallery as a project with Future Gallery, curated by me and Mike Ruiz.

The second presentation took place in London, at BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) London, curated by KERNEL. I presented the book for BYOB edition of Lucky PDF TV.

TruEYE surView show with Yngve Holen and Anne de Vries. June 16th until August 21st 2011 , exhibition at gallery W139, Amsterdam. Curated by me, in relation to the PISG2010 book launch and conversation with Harm van den Dorpel that took place at W139 on the 13th of March, 2011.

In correlation with R-U-INS network.


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Post Internet Survival Guide on view

Post Internet Survival Guide 2010 and Carbon by Tabor Robak, Future Gallery/Gentili Apri, Berlin

Post Internet Survival Guide 2010 copy in posession of Sam Hancocks, Melbourne

Post Internet Survival Guide 2010 copy on view at R-U-IN?S Underground Economies, Atelier 35, Bucharest

Post Internet Survival Guide 2010 copy in posession of Kari Altmann, Baltimore

Post Internet Survival Guide 2010 mini book launch with Lucky PDF at BYOB London, Woodmill

Post Internet Survival Guide 2010 book launch at W139, Amsterdam. In conversation with Harm van den Dorpel and Tim Voss.

Post Internet Survival Guide 2010 copy on view at TruEYE surView, with works of Anne de Vries and Yngve Holen, W139, Amsterdam

Post Internet Survival Guide 2010 on view at Collect the WWWorld book store in addition to exhibition curated by Domenico Quaranta. Spazio Contemporanea, Brescia, Italy. Exhibition run from 24th of September until 15th of October 2011.

Post Internet Survival Guide 2010 copy in posession of Kareem Lotfy, Cairo

The Greater Cloud at Netherlands Institute of Media Art, Amsterdam

MoMA library, NYC


Post Internet Survival Guide: Foreword

You are holding a guide to the ecology of a severe ongoing merging of matter, social and (visual) information in the present world. The shift to a multi-polar, mobile, post-democratic, gated, real-time set of conditions effectively redistributes the global balance of powers. The existing structures of our (Western) mode of thinking and being, including the flows of energy and value, the domain of aesthetics, the currency of art, and our role in the process that is civilization are being reshaped and re-articulated. The scale of these changes are reflected in the dynamics of formats—files, gadgets, species, identities, ideologies, brands, styles, cultures, natural disasters, memes, technologies—entering the ultimate platform and player of dissemination: Internet.

Following the art and information created and shared online during the year 2010, this Post Internet Survival Guide chronicles the perpetual battle for survival of these most essential formats. The collective practice of Internet-aware blogging and art has been evolving a new language to imagine, anticipate and engage with the descending reality and its horizons. In this world—that is being tagged as post internet—the Internet is an invisible given, like roads or trees, and is used to navigate not just information but also matter and space. The notion of a survival guide arises as an answer to a basic human need to cope with increasing complexity. In the face of death, personal attachment and confusion, one has to feel, interpret and index this ocean of signs in order to survive.

Throughout the year 2010 the blog survivaltips.tumblr.com has been tracking and contributing to the ‘post internet survival’ theme. Following more than a hundred interconnected blogs and sources, it harnessed the network and exchanged the findings from its own online presence. This emerging distributed archive has been edited into this book. The words, artifacts, tactics, surfaces and experiences you will find here, created mostly in relation to the tribal context of the web and the geo-economic frontiers of the world it is rooted in, induce various modes of translation between the reality of always, today and tomorrow—a survival kit for ideologies, an art catalogue, a future leak.

Post Internet Survival Guide 2010 is organized into chapters according to the first page of Google search results for ‘survival guide’: SIZE UP THE SITUATION, USE ALL YOUR SENSES, REMEMBER WHERE YOU ARE, VALUE LIVING, IMPROVISE, VANQUISH FEAR AND PANIC, ACT LIKE THE NATIVES, LEARN BASIC SKILLS. It crosses streams of seemingly unrelated information flows—from art and news, to corporate stock photography, screenshots and scientific renderings. Post Internet Survival Guide elevates selected content from its original fragmented online environment and solidifies its temporary values and meanings in a collection of guiding narratives.

This book is a tool to assist in stepping above our daily online routine, to reach a realm that lies somewhere between reading a principal religious text, watching a colonial documentary on savages, or looking at yourself in the mirror. This is the space where we ask ourselves what it means to be a human being today.

September 2010


Post Internet Survival Guide 2010

Post Internet Survival Guide 2010

Post Intenernet Survival Guide 2010

Post Internet Survival guide 2010


Revolver Publishing

ISBN: 978-3-86895-350-3

Curatorial and graphic design: Katja Novitskova

272 pages, 180 x 230 mm, paperback, offset, black and white, edition: 500 copies

The book features texts and works by AIDS-3D, Aaron Graham, Adam Cruces, André Carlos Lenox & Evan Lenox, Anne de Vries, Artie Vierkant, Brad Troemel (The Jogging), Brian Khek, Constant Dullaart, Chris Lee, Christian Oldham, Damon Zucconi, Daniel Chew, Emily Jones, Gene McHugh, Iain Ball, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Jack Latham, Jacob Broms Engblom, John Transue, Jon Rafman, Kareem Lotfy, Kari Altmann, Kate Steciw, Katja Novitskova, Lance Wakeling, Lauren Brick, Lauren Christiansen, Laurence Punshon, Lorenzo Bernet, Louis Doulas, Martin Kohout, Matei Samihaian, Matteo Giordano, Micah Schippa, Mike Ruiz, Orlando Orellano, Pierre Lumineau, R-U-INS?, Rachael Milton, Sam Hancocks, Sebastian Moyano, Sterling Crispin, Tabor Robak, Timur Si-Qin and Yannic Joray.